No Brain Required. A Study on Plant Intelligence: communication, collaboration, and networking (2019)

Scientific poster of a study into plant intelligence, in context of Non-Human Cognition.

In collaboration with Marianne Bossema and Joanna Mania.

Supervision by Dr. Tessa Verhoef.


Research on plant signaling showed interesting results of plants sharing sophisticated networked systems that allow them to interchange information and trade nutrients with each other below, on and above the ground. This requires a form of perception, decision-making and memory, which altogether argues for a form of non-human cognition.

The goal of this study is to give an overview of different types of intelligent plant behaviour, explore their contribution to a complex interconnected, and adaptive system of plant species, and their significance for applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Discussed topics are among others Mycorrhizal Networks (underground fungi connecting the roots of neighboring host plants), allelopathy (release of toxic chemicals), kin recognition, collaboration with insects, plants as computational media, and algorithmic models mimicking plant systems.