Hi! My name is Marissa, an Amsterdam based creative researcher, moderator, and media maker in the field of digital arts & culture, computational creativity, and generative art.

I hold a BA in New Media and Digital Culture (University of Amsterdam), and a MSc in Media Technology (Leiden University). I worked extensively in the creative media field in the Netherlands (among others Universiteit van Nederland, Blendle, Pakhuis de Zwijger) and abroad (GiANT, Bogota Colombia, Fields of View, Bangalore India).

Currently I’m focusing on my research on Generative Art: how have we been looking at this developing art field over time? How do we understand the autonomous systems that are involved in creating generative art, and what exactly can we pinpoint as “generative” and “creative” in these systems? How do we approach the current influx of art generated with technology in the art scene, and how can we come towards a new art critique for this type of art?

Next to that, I'm active as a freelance creative in the field of digital art & culture, and work for media lab SETUP, where I guide makers in their artistic research, give workshops, and develop public programmes.

My interests lie at the intersection of art, technology, and science. I love projects that artistically investigate the impact of technology on our perception, cognition, and relation to our surroundings. Or initiatives that experiment with technology as a method for both inquiry and artistic expression.

I’m curious about the hidden stories behind technological ‘advancement’ and am experimenting with novel ways to tell these stories. I find that, time after time, the arts have proven well-suited for this.

In my free time I am a junkie for museums, podcasts, and art festivals.

Drop me a line for a chat, brainstorm, or other creative plans.

See you around!