Ins and Outs: Can vivid memory recollection be detected through Facial Action Units activation? (2020)

Research into social signal processing, with the Mementos Dataset: A Multimodal Dataset for Context-Sensitive Modeling of Affect and Memory Processing in Responses to Videos.

In collaboration with Claudia Agustini, Arianna Freni, and Yuan Liang.
Supervision by Dr. Joost Broekens.


Mind Wandering (MW), a shift of attention towards internal thoughts, is difficult to translate into overt measures. In this project, we attempt to relate inner states and subjective measures with overt, objective measures in the case of a particular form of MW, i.e. sudden vivid memory recollection. In particular, we explore the relationship between the vividness of memories recollected while watching music videos and the presence of specific Facial Action Units (AUs), as a potential way of

translating Ins into Outs.