Video installation.

Along similar lines, space is never the same. Quite literally. With LONGITUDE // LATITUDE, parallel spaces are explored.

0 - 10º E Longitude - Jostedalsbreen glacier, Norway // Leiden, The Netherlands // Bologna, Italy // Algiers, Algeria // Lagos, Nigeria.

30 - 40º N Latitude - Los Angeles, USA // Algiers, Algeria // Hebron, West Bank Palestine // Amritsar, Punjab, India // Seoul, South Korea.

I want LONGITUDE // LATITUDE to feel like a window to spaces that are existing simultaneously. Different here, same now. Like a portal to parallel worlds. Peek into the scenes by hovering over the panes within the dashed lines, enlarging that particular window to a specific location somewhere on earth. Spend some time in Leiden, cycle through its friendly streets. Enjoy a serene, pristine natural sight in Norway. Or witness how a street riot in Lagos escalates into a bloody fight.

Switch the axis by pressing the arrow keys. Experience a sparkling L.A. at night. Submerge in the bustle of the community-run free kitchen of Amritsar's Golden Temple, or view a tranquil street in a Seoul. Or witness how Israeli settlers are escorted by military forces in the Palestinian city of Hebron.

The scenes are significantly different. In location. In natural surroundings. In cultural context. Still, there's one thing they share. An axis: all places have a longitude or latitude in common.

Same axis, same geographical "space". Yet, life couldn't be more different. Not even along the same lines.

Software: C++, OpenFrameworks

Footage: private collection, YouTube Creative Commons