And so on, and so forth (2019)

Media installation inspired by Douglas Hofstadter's statement "analogy as the core of cognition". In collaboration with Lesley van Hoek and Max Peeperkorn.

With a practice rooted in both art and science, Lesley van Hoek, Max Peeperkorn, and Marissa Memelink collaborate on projects using technologies to explore concepts flowing from human cognition, such as consciousness, imagination, and creativity.

"And so on, and so forth" is an installation exploring the human cognitive process of analogy-making through digital technology. How do we grasp something that is fundamental to our thinking, but has yet remained unexplained? Can computational intelligence help us fathom this? Trained on previously recorded scenes of the vicinity, the installation continuously interprets its current environment and everything passing by, eternally linking new events to past experiences. Both the output and the technological process of the work are an attempt to illustrate the same underlying mechanisms of our mind.

Software: C++, openFrameworks, Python

Hardware: Kinect V2, projector

Exhibited at:

Bring Your Own Beamer, Utrecht (2020) (after movie)

Sonaural.2 at WORM, Rotterdam (2020)

CERTAINTY Expo at _V2 Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam (2019)

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